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Reliable and Consistent

Our pricing is reliable and consistent. we ensure profit maximization of our clients.

On time Delivery

We understand the business of our clients and deliver all products in time as per their requirements.

Premium and Hygenic

Our brands are of premium quality and are hygienically packed for all the end customers.

Client Friendly

Our client friendly website enables small businesses to start and manage buisness with few clicks.

About Company

OrganoFresh Solutions Pvt ltd ( OFS ) is a company based in Chandigarh. OFS supplies Fresh Fruits & vegetables and enables businesses like Hotels & restaurants, Hospitals, Mess, Food Chains and Modern Retail Stores to serve their customers in a better way and at the same time enables Farmers by giving them a good price for their produce by procuring directly from farmers. OFS enables small retailers in increasing their revenue by providing an extra customers who buy fresh fruits and vegetables, on a daily basis for their family.

OFS uses technology to make the accounting, billing and tracking of material, simple for retailer and company. OFS team has close to 8 years ( collective ) experience in Fruits and vegetables domain and is well versed with all operational challenges. OFS team has already set up a business and sold it successfully in same domain.

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