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Organofresh has the aim to help whole value chain in fruits & vegetables segment and it is providing various services to various stakeholders. It helps Farmers in Earning more by selling at right price and at the same time make it possible for end customers to get fresh fruits and vegetables at a decent price.

Packed products delivery to Premium Outlets and Regular Outlets

Presently, Retailers are procuring fruits and vegetables directly from local market. They have to involve extra manpower, time and energy to keep fruits and vegetables at their stores. Premium stores also face issue of consistency in quality which their customers. We have a service where we provide Branded Fresh Fruits and vegetable which are prepacked and weighed as per the requirement.

We enable small & medium businesses to enter into fresh fruits and vegetables segment. We have a very easy to use application for our clients which they use to place order with us.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits delivery to Hotels and Institutions

We provide fresh fruits and vegetables delivery services to various hotels & restaurants and institutions. Our clients place order by our easy to use application and get the products delivered at their doorsteps. It is our promise to our client to provide good quality products in a timely manner.

Agriculture Consultancy

We offer agriculture consultancy to farmers who want to use modern techniques in farming, plan new crops or young generation – who want to make their career in Agriculture. We take interest in the farming community, offer valuable advice to educate farmers and growers on how to improve the quality and yield of crops, offer support and solutions to ensure business runs efficiently and smoothly benefiting both the parties equally.

Our advice is not limited to crops and production of fruits and vegetables and exotic vegetables that are supplied to the consumers and Hotels, but also includes environment and conservation, waste management, collecting and analysing data, crop yield and more.

Farmer Aggregation

We help small farmers by aggregating them and planning their crop together. Once the crop is ready we buy the crop for them. Once farmers are together we help them in getting better deals for items like, seeds and Manure etc. This saves money for them and decreases the cost of harvest.

The farmers in the association get access to some support from the government and crucial information that leads to better markets and better prices as there are less links in the chain. We support them with the right information and training and implement better quality control. More and more farmers are looking at this as an opportunity as they get educated about the co-ops and organizations.

Contract farming

Contract farming is a mutual agreement between the farmer and us. It is an agreement that promotes growth prospects. It establishes conditions between us and the farmer to produce and market the farm produce that benefits both. We guide the farmers within the association and specify the standards that farming requires, quality of the produce and price. We also help farmers by guiding them in choosing the right crop and planning the harvest, so that they get maximum benefit from the association.

Such an agreement is beneficial to both the farmers within the association as well as us, as it assures the farmers of an assured market sale as well as production support. This also reduces risk of diseases, a promised quality and certification. We choose the best farmers with best farming practices to offer you the fresh produce. This is based on trust, one of our core values to ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle furthermore a healthy future that we promise. We achieve this by collaborating and sharing vital information and methods of improving harvest output

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